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She Is Literally the Sweetest. She Must Have You Wrapped Around Her Finger.
A while back, my daughter Rowan asked me if Ed Sheeran (who she feels is her friend, lol) is going to come to our wedding to sing our song and I made a joke on Facebook that she should ask him and maybe he would, if it went viral. But despite the fact that it was a joke, I figured I had nothing to lose and it doesn't hurt to try. The worst that could happen is a whole lot of cuteness, which doesn't sound too awful to me, So, Ed Sheeran, if you're into great people, small parties, delicious food, and free alcohol and you're not terribly busy early next March, then this nervous, fidgety little lady has an offer you can't refuse!
Transcript of interaction:
Me: Rowan, what shirt are you wearing? What's on your shirt?
Rowan: Ed Sheeran!
Me: He is?! Did you have something you to want to say to him?
Rowan: Yeah! *Pause* Hi, Ed Sheeran! My name is Rowan and I'm 3! You're my favorite and Mommy's favorite! Please come to Mommy and Daddy's wedding to sing their favorite song and dance with me? Have a good day! *kiss*

Credits: Taryn Leigh
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