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Deaf Grandma Signs to 9-Week-Old Baby. But Baby’s Face ‘Talking’ to Grandma Will Melt Your Heart
In January, Shari Joy McMahon posted a Facebook video of her mother and baby girl having a very intimate moment. They’re both deaf, and in this particular clip, the elderly woman was trying to teach her granddaughter baby sign language.

The video has won the hearts of many, especially of those who can relate to raising a child who is hearing impaired. For grandma Pamela, the challenge has always been easy for her since she’s done this type of thing many times before.

“Yes all my five grandchildren are deaf,” she wrote. Aria was probably just one of several grandchildren Pamela has had the privilege to bond with through sign language.

In the one-minute footage, Pamela had the chance to share some of her skills with Aria. Her granddaughter may have been born without the ability to hear, but it seemed like she was catching onto her granny’s hand signals quite effortlessly.

As little Aria rested on her lap, Pamela started an adorable conversation with the cute baby. Every time she communicated with sign language, her grandchild “talked” back to her with an amazed facial expression.
Grandma seemed to encourage her by lifting her hand as a sign to talk back. Aria eventually got the clue and attempted her first response.

The infant started to babble with excitement and even tried to sign with her tiny fingers. As she waved her hand back and forth, it made her grandmother even more excited.

Pamela had Aria’s full attention with every movement and gesture. By the looks of it, the two had already developed a strong connection to each other.

One of Shari’s Facebook friends couldn’t believe Aria was deaf, especially since she appeared to pick up on baby sign language so easily. “She’s 100% deaf! And she’s only 9 weeks old in this video,” Shari wrote about her daughter.
Since then, the clip has been liked by 3.4 thousand viewers, and also shared on the Love What Matters page. Commenters on the page agree that all babies, whether deaf or not, should learn sign language:

“Teaching baby sign makes life so much easier as they can sign before they can talk…and it wires their brain to learn early on! So situations my son still uses sign.”

“My grandchildren and my great nephews were taught baby sign. Great idea and they could communicate before being able to talk.”

“Sign language is a saving grace with little ones. It helps them communicate with you what they need/want from a very young age. I taught all three of mine basic sign, such a life saver!”

Aria is so blessed to have someone to relate to as she grows up in this world without her hearing. As long as she has grandma to teach her all that she needs to know, Aria will soon learn sign language in no time.
Credits: Shari Joy McMahon
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