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A Wonderful Story and Testament of the Power of Love
So I stumbled upon a BEAUTIFUL love story. Boy meets girl. Meet Grigory and Anna. He's from Central Russia. She's from Kazakhstan. She's a regular, healthy girl with a lot of love to offer who always felt was an ugly duckling (far from it!). He's profoundly disabled, he has never been able to walk and longs to meet someone who he lavish upon all his love. He doesn't want to be alone. After meeting on the Internet they decided they were meant to be together. An inspiring story of love conquering all. WOW! I was moved to tears. God bless this couple! They even attribute their coming together to God! It's quite the story. They've been married for almost 3.5 years! and have accomplished so much TOGETHER! I don't speak Russian but I watched them on Youtube and they're sooooo adorable, cute and so fun to watch!! They're a great team! and the camera work is awesome. Check them out! With the help of her ever so talented husband, Anna has launched her own business website. They are based in Belgorod, Russia. She does amazing handicrafts. She's one talented lady. A wonderful couple learning to love, grow and support one another in the both the good, the bad and the ugly. It hasn't been easy. From from it. Their story has infused so much hope and happiness in my heart. Thank you Lord for stories like this where in the midst of adversity lies opportunity. It just takes a willing and open heart to see it. Your precious hand has been ever-so present with them and they acknowledge you. No wonder their perspective on suffering and living is different from many of us. Thank you for being an awesome God and for blessing Grigory with an a wonderful wife and partner for life on this side of eternity. Just watch for yourself and fall in love with LOVE!
Not your typical love story. I'm hooked.
The documentary that got me interested in wanting to find out more about their story. https://youtu.be/rmYTKH244so
Credits : Erika Lugo
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