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There's Something So Sweet and Innocent and Human About This Picture.
His name is John Horton.
He was convicted of murder and served 23 years.
But he's always maintained his innocence.
And last February he was released after the courts ruled he deserved a new trial.
This picture was taken earlier this month.
Here's what his friend Joe Logli wrote.
They say that a picture, is worth a thousand words.
Looking at this pic, I couldn't agree more.
While in the middle of shooting his wedding pictures, John Horton, sees a homeless man, walking down the road, in front of him.
The man notices what's going on, smiles, and says congratulations.
John, stops the photo shoot, walks over, shakes the man's hand, thanks him, and sends him off with, what was possibly, the most sincere, "God Bless You," that I've ever heard.
All anyone could do was just stand there, and watch.
So moving.
This is who John Horton is, and this is why I am proud to call him a friend, and a brother.
Love you John and Melissa!
Credits: Joe Logli
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Jamieshrode 170 points
Despite all that John Horton has been through, he has obviously stayed a kind and gentle soul!
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Apr 19, 2017
Abzdad828 110 points
Absolutely! He is truly an inspiration. Amazing man.