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Random Acts of Photography
Random Acts of Photography: I was hanging around in the park this lovely afternoon waiting for a client when I noticed this lovely couple taking their wedding pictures … with a cell phone. I looked around, but didn’t see a photographer anywhere. This couple is taking cell phone pictures against beautiful cherry blossoms on a bright day, and I sit there thinking “these people’s pictures are going to be overexposed.” Then I think, “I can’t let these people only have cell phone photos of their wedding, when I’m standing right here!”
So, crazy photographer lady takes over, and I walk up to them, armed with a camera, and ask them if I can take a few photos to document their wedding. In those few moments when I was deciding whether to interrupt these people or quietly continue minding my business and wait for my client, I remembered something simple: I’ve been blessed to be a blessing to others. Since I began this journey as a photographer, the Lord has blessed me greatly — with skill, with amazing clients, with a great business. So today, in a small and simple way, I’m grateful I was able to bless someone else. And in the end, such a small act ends up being a great blessing to me. It’s an opportunity to serve others with the tools God has given me.
So, fellow photographers, I call you to a challenge. Think about what #randomactsofphotography you can do to help bring joy to someone else’s life today. We have a gift. We have a set of tools (and some pretty boss cameras) that can help bring joy to others. How will you do it? Let’s be on the look out for opportunities to spread joy.
Credits : Janet Canosa de Serrano
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