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They Were Clearly in the Moment and Unaware of the Multiple Bystanders
"You've gotta dance while you can."...
Yesterday, we drove about an hour to Na'alehu to pick up my daughter from a sleepover. While there, we stopped at the Punalu'u Bakery to grab a bite to eat. A musician began to play some Hawaiian music and I observed a frail, older couple begin to dance. It was one of the most heartwarming scenes I've witnessed in some time. They were clearly in the moment and unaware of the multiple bystanders, who's faces were plastered with endearing grins. I overheard someone nearby exclaim this sweet couple has been married for 66 years. This morning, as I conveyed this story to my mom (who will celebrate 50 years of marriage with my dad this year), she responded with words that really struck me and I will hold dear. "You've gotta dance while you can," she said.
Yes, Mom. Thank you for this reminder. I love you so much.
Credits : Jenny Cornell Webster
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