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This Lady Is the Most Deserving Person
When I was in middle school, my mom got off early from work every Friday. When I got out of school, she would pick me up and together we'd rush home so we could watch The Ellen show together.
Several years ago, my family spent spring break in Los Angeles, when we visited Warner Bros she pretended to dance along the aisles and swore she'd be back to see the show in person (We tried to get tickets for when we were there--but the show was on break that week)
My mother has always lived by Ellen's tag line, and been kind to everyone she encounters. She has been a role model for myself and my two sisters, always sacrificing herself for the good of not just our family and friends, but strangers as well. She carries brown paper bags full of food for homeless people in her car and encourages us to do random acts of kindness to spread joy. And recently she organized a group of friends to go out to prepare and serve a meal at the local Ronald McDonald house (Just to name a few of the many great things she has done.)
We secretly taped her talking about how much she wants to see the Ellen show in person. Hopefully this video conveys just how happy she would be if she got this opportunity.
PS: Please let my mom on the show so my sister and I don't get kicked out of the house.
Credits : Jessica Doty
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