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This Lady Here Is Too Hilarious
This is my daughter Sarah Hobbs. She is a great teacher and loves teaching. Sarah , as a FCS Teacher at Northside ISD in San Antonio, Texas is helping to improve the quality of life of her students and their families and is preparing them to become successful adults. . This video has over 3K views so far and the number is climbing. Please have her on your show !!
Credits: Sarah Jo Hobbs

Submitted by Sheralyn McCown Maddux
3,707 views Mar 31, 2017
Sheralyn McCown Maddux
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dld 170 points
Funny and sad because it's so true LOL
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Apr 1, 2017
Slopez1194 160 points
So I showed this to my kids and we were cracking up! They each found themselves in this video!  #ihatethattest #thekidskeptsaying
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Apr 4, 2017