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The Quirky Lamb
I realized that I haven't introduced myself in a while. I'm Kristen Lamb - The Quirky Lamb. I started painting on glass in 2012. Found myself hoarding adorable vintage frames and decided I needed to do something with them, or volunteer myself for the hoarding show. So here I am, repurposing frames no one deems fit for family photos or precious pictures anymore. I paint on the back of the glass so everything is reverse and all my finishing touches are where I begin. It's really a unique style and not something you see in common place. I have a corporate gig during the day, but am positive I'll be on #Ellen someday explaining to her how my crazy paintings work. My paintings give me purpose, just as I give them new life. So, thanks for following and feeding my creative side. P.s. I'm currently working on my first children's book illustration, so #ellendegeneres if you don't mind scheduling our show time until after that is released, that would be awesome.
Credits: The Quirky Lamb
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misskriscrist 190 points
I don't know who put me on here, but THANK YOU!!  Be sure to follow me on IG @thequirkylamb to see my artwork.  This more than made my day.<3
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Mar 28, 2017
kcampbell 180 points
Kristen's artwork is AMAZING! Check it out!
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Mar 30, 2017