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Awesome Proposal and Call to Parents! This Is Really Epic!
Something extremely important happened to me a few weeks ago. I met the love of my life when I was just 12 years old in the 7th grade. We became best friends, we were inseparable. Growing up together it allows you to mold each other into the best you can possible be. We learned from each other, helped each other through the difficult times, and loved each other all the time in between. I am lucky to have met someone as wonderful as she is. After all this time I thought it was time to ask her to be my wife. Little did she know I made a video about the whole thing.
Credits : Andrew Hilliker
661 views Mar 28, 2017

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Hilliker876 140 points
It's pretty awesome that my video made it on here! Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more! https://YouTube.com/AndrewHilliker
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Mar 28, 2017