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This Is Awesome a Wonderful Act of Kindness. Amazing Story!
This evening my boyfriend, his mother, my mother, my sister, and I all went out for dinner. My family is from Calgary so this was going to be the first time our mothers met. We chose Joeys in Sherwood Park, and when we got there we were told it would be a 45 minute wait. My sister has a dietary restriction and there's not many places that have a wide variety of options for her so we decided to wait it out.
When we were seated, the booth that was available for us was a bit tight for the 5 of us but it was no big deal. However the gentleman at the booth across from us approached us and asked if we would want to switch seats with him and his girlfriend/wife as they had a huge table for just the two of them in comparison to the size of ours. We were taken back by his gesture and took him up on his offer giving him our appreciation. Later in the evening near the end of our meals we were approached by a waitress who told us that the same man had paid for our bill. I'm sure you can understand the shock that over came us at this moment. The waitress told us they had never seen someone do this before. Not only did this man and the woman he was with give up their table to accommodate for our larger group but he paid for our entire bill! A bill that would have been well over $100!!
We never had the chance to thank these people for what they did for us. I know this is a long shot but words can't begin to express how blown away and thankful we are by their generosity. If you can please share this post in hopes that they see it, that would mean the world to all of us.
Credits : Ashley Zobatar
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