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I wish I could reward the finder who will return to Katie Peden her belonging.
I've had a tremendous amount of support from staff, crew and engineers of Jetstar and complete strangers. But unfortunately still no luck on finding the hat, although we have had several leads that it was seen sitting on the desk at gate 55 in the domestic terminal of Sydney airport.
Several articles are now circulating in order to help reach as many people as possible.
This morning the Kyle and Jackie O show (which is based out of Sydney) had me on air. I'm not sure if anyone could understand what I was saying, as it's quite upsetting to me. But they are where I needed to be connected to with such a wide audience, so I hope this can help us find the kings hat and bring it home to Braxton.
If you can please continue to share my post it'll hopefully help if someone has picked it up, they will see the sentimental value this holds to us.
Thank you
Credits : Katie Peden
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