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You Are an Amazing Young Lady, Have a Heart of Gold
Addie raised $9.01 with her fashion blog cards & wants nothing more than to donate to her BFFL! I know many of our friends/ family have donated already & thank you BUT she's challenging YOU to donate $9.00 more! The LOVE these two cuties have is unlike anything I have ever seen PLEASE donate $9.00 it's your Starbucks/lunch $ of the day!
Credits : Misty Bykoski
2,362 views Mar 23, 2017

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zgamez 260 points
Beautiful ! Rooting for you Jaelyn!
+5 votes
Mar 23, 2017
sjbsathomas 240 points
What a beautiful friendship!  Cheering you girls on! :)
+5 votes
Mar 23, 2017
Misty Bykoski 290 points
Thank you #ellennation for posting & sharing my daughters video these 2 girls have a very special bond & Jaelyn deserves all her wishes to come true
+5 votes
Mar 23, 2017
Curlieb11 210 points
Girl power!!! So happy that you have this amazing friendship. Love means never giving up!!!! Keeping fighting, smiling and having fun.
+3 votes
Mar 25, 2017
DeeStarkey 250 points
No one could ask for a more special friendship bond!  This 8 year old and 7 year old are facing the most tragic part of life with the most positive attitudes and really setting an example as to what love is really all about!! One proud Grandma and Grandpa!!
+2 votes
Mar 24, 2017