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This Is a Great Story and She Will Always Remember It Will Forever Be in Her Heart
For those who didn't see my previous post, my daughter worked really hard at home to earn some extra money before going to her favorite band Twenty-One Pilots' concert, so that she could buy a sweatshirt. The sweatshirts ended up being SUPER expensive so she bought the cute red beanie instead (the one she's wearing in my profile pic-taken just after she bought it). Two days later she took it off during her run in P.E. and was holding it in her hand when it must have dropped along the way. A few kids admitted to seeing it on the ground but it was gone when she went back to look for it and nobody claimed to have picked it up. She was really upset about losing it so I posted something in a few Facebook groups I belong to so that if anyone noticed their child came home with it, maybe we would get it back.
The owner of Mylapore restaurant in Folsom saw my post, and, together with some of his employees, pooled their tip money together and bought her a new beanie. We are still blown away by their generosity and kindness. His message to her tonight, was to always be kind and help make the world a beautiful place to live in and pay it forward if she could. She will be brainstorming on how she would like to pay it forward and I will help her implement it. What a wonderful lesson to be taught by a stranger at 11 years old!
In the meantime, I'm asking my friends and family to share this post to help brighten someone's day and because it's a great reminder that kind and selfless people DO exist and must not be taken for granted!
Stephanie Davenport
585 views Mar 23, 2017

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