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Steve Gleason Is Such an Inspiration
Steve Gleason is a former player on the New Orleans Saints.
He was diagnosed with ALS in 2011.
Dwight Clark announced yesterday that he is also battling ALS.
As you can see in the picture, Steve Gleason’s body has deteriorated.
But his mind is still sharp.
Essentially his mind is now trapped inside a body that he no longer has control over.
That’s what ALS does.
Who would have thought that when Dwight Clark took this picture with Steve Gleason that Clark was looking at his future?
Life can be so cruel sometimes.
Someone is diagnosed with ALS every 90 minutes.
And unfortunately there is no cure.
We interviewed a doctor tonight on the news.
She said that the average life expectancy for someone with ALS is only 3-5 years.
But Dwight Clark says he’s going to "fight like hell."
Just like Steve Gleason.
And if there’s any good news it’s that Steve Gleason has continued to live his life.
He has a family.
And he’s an inspiration to millions of people.
January marked six years since Gleason was diagnosed.
At the time he wrote:
"I know ALS is a remorseless and humiliating disease.
It can leave its victims in a pathetic, silent, purposeless heap of flesh.
It can annihilate families.
Spouses become unrecognizable to each other, veiled in frustration, anger, and shame."
But he also wrote:
I feel purposeful and fulfilled with where I am.
I’m excited about what is ahead.
There were days in the past when I was so frustrated and hopeless.
I felt death might be a welcome alternative to this life.
Those hopeless days are behind me.
I love my life.
----Steve Gleason
Credits: Team Gleason
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