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You Are a Special Couple! God Chose You for a Reason
"Three years ago today we got a call to see if we could take in three kids who were at a shelter - a 3 year old, a 5 year old, and an 8 year old. We have two awesome teens (ages 13 & 14 at the time). We also had a precious baby we hadn't expected (we didn't usually take calls for infants, hoping to let them be placed with couples struggling with infertility) -- but had said yes to an emergency situation and found ourselves with a tiny five week old preemie who seemed to fit so perfectly in my arms. That left us with only one bedroom -- two open beds -- available. The case worker knew this but she felt a little desperate- she couldn't find a home with space available for all three. She told me the brother really didn't want to be separated from his little sisters because he had always taken care of them. How could I say no? I told the caseworker to give me two minutes. I called Derek at work - and of course he said to hurry and call them back before they split them up. (My hero as usual.) We moved the baby into our room and found room for everyone. Little did we know that precious trio and that adorable little baby would eventually join our forever family. Later, another beautiful scared tiny girl with wild hair and big brown eyes would show up on our doorstep -- and make us fall in love all over again. That's the story of how God built our family. If you're considering adoption, allow God to grow your family (and your heart!) through the children in foster care. I am available for coffee any time to answer questions you may have about the process."
Credits: Candace Jones
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