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Dustyn A Brave Warrior
#‎TakeThatGA1‬ is a hashtag Dustyn created for your personal posts and pictures to him or other kids/adults with GA1 and their accomplishments or battles with GA1 (Glutaric Aciduria ) Please feel free to use it and help GA 1 trend for awareness. :) Thank you.

Dustyn is an energetic little warrior who loves animals, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, boats and WWE. He was born August, 2nd 2010. Dustyn although looks healthy, he has been fighting for his life since the day he was conceived and will continue to fight the rest of his life until scientist find a cure. Dustyn was born with a rare inborn error of metabolism called Glutaric Aciduria Type One ( GA 1 ).

GA 1 is 1 in 40,000 among the American Population and 1 in 100,000 among the World. GA 1 patients are unable to break down two amino acids - building blocks of protein - called lysine and tryptophan. These amino acids are not only found in many everyday foods but found in natural protein in the bodies muscle mass. This means not only does GA 1 patients like Dustyn, have to monitor everything that they consume for food they also have to treat every day child hood illness, infections, hunger and stress on the body including surgery.

In Dustyn's case, he was very fortunate and is able to treat his condition as early as five days old. Thank you for newborn screening. Early detection is so important as GA 1 can cause brain damage, death or be misdiagnosed for Cerebral Palsy and "shaken baby syndrome". Sadly not every State and country have mandatory testing for inborn errors including GA 1.

Even though there is treatment, GA 1 patients still need a cure. As there are no guarantees. Even with treatment metabolic stroke and symptoms of GA 1 is still very possible. GA 1 patients do have something going for them. Statistics show that after the age of two, stroke is less likely to happen. But, again there are no guarantees as there are still cases that do have stroke like symptoms after the age of two.

Because, Dustyn's condition was caught on newborn screening; he was able to have a fighting chance. We are proud to announce, Dustyn has had no known metabolic stroke but does have typical GA 1 challenges.

Despite these challenges; multiple hospital admissions and blood work every other week. Dustyn has always for the, understandably most part, kept his amazing smile shining bright. GA 1 is not contagious! But, I'll tell you what is...
Dustyn's drive and love for life! :)
Credits: Dustyn A Brave Warrior-Glutaric Aciduria Type1
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