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There Is Still Positivity in This World
Don't normally do this but I had to.
I snapped this picture for a reason.
The older gentleman in this picture noticed the younger one reading a book.
And just sat down and asked him questions about the book and what his next steps are as far as his education and future.
Then he took his information and offered him mentorship and opportunities.
Now these two men don't know one another at all.
But I share this because this is what's missing.
This is not shown by media.
Black men holding each other down to better the next generation.
THIS is what needs to be done!
It was amazing for me to see this on my train ride into work. Might not mean much to some.
But to those that see will see the bigger picture, this is for you. Remember, "Each one, Teach one".
Have a blessed day.
---Miguel Munnlyn


Credits: Miguel Munnlyn
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