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The Korean Sport Jokgu (Around the World with Erik Dobell) | Impossibilities!
Hey! This is the Master Mentalist Erik Dobell and today we are talking about Jokgu!

So what are these college kids so excited about? It has something to do with Jokgu. From what I can tell, Jokgu is a really hard game.

Jokgu is a combination between two games - Volleyball and Soccer. It was invented sometime in the 1960’s by the Korean Air Force as a way to promote exercise on the military bases, since that time it has become incredibly popular and some people consider it Korea’s national sport and it is still in use today by the military.

It’s not exactly known in America yet but it is gaining in popularity. Which is great! Because I would like to see a game kids can play where they don’t get concussions. Although, there is the possibility of tearing your groin.

From what I can tell, the rules are basically the same as they are in volleyball. The big difference is that instead of only being able to use their head and hands, they are only allowed to use their head and feet.

The footage in this video is from Woosong University’s Sports Day back in 2015.
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