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You Are Agreat Woman , You Give for Us the Hope
One year ago today our world was forever changed. One year ago tonight, I lay dying & slowly slipping away from my family & friends as they sat by helplessly watching. I do not remember anything after being loaded onto the helicopter & life flighted to Mercy Hospital in Rogers, AR, until waking up on March 20th only to be told that I had died three times as a result of septic shock & because of this, my hands & feet had to be amputated. I have remained off of FB since then for many reasons, but the main reason was to let me concentrate on my rehab & getting healed, both, physically & mentally. Even though it has been the most challenging ordeal of my life, I thank God every day that I am still alive & that I am still here for Emeree & Landree. Those girls are my whole world & I believe one of the reasons I fought so hard to stay alive. I am so thankful for many things reflecting back on life a year ago tonight. I am forever grateful for so many loving people.... family, friends, & even total strangers... for all that was done for me. Whether it was praying, bringing food to my family, or sending money or gift cards to help us through this difficult time, I am so grateful & appreciative, but words will never be able to accurately convey the magnitude of my appreciation. I am still humbled at all the outpouring of support we received. Tonight, to mark this one year anniversary, Kevin & I went back to Mercy & walked down the ICU corridor. As soon as Leslie Nicholas Eldridge said my name, I busted out sobbing & she held me tight. It was so, unbelievably, emotional for me to be back there one year later, in the same spot....alive & knowing that the outcome could've easily been different, & by all rights should've been different! Thank you Lord for choosing me to be one of your miracles!! We then proceeded over to the other side of the 4th floor where my home was for nearly two months. It was the happiest reunion with lots of joyful tears!! Kevin & I wanted to go to the hospital because we wanted to say "thank you" to as many people as we could. I had such amazing care while I was there! Without all the wonderful & attentive staff I don't know if I would've progressed as well as I did. I wanted to (& want to) let all of you Mercy peeps who cared for me to know how much you mean to me! I know you have some incredibly difficult & sucky days, but I hope when you think of me, you will know that you made a difference. So keep on doing what you do, you can be the difference!!! Here I am with a handful of my "angels" on the 4th floor!!!
Credits: India Chapman Hight
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To read the story of what caused the infection, you can go to this website.

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Mar 14, 2017
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A post from ONE year ago today.  What a miracle!!!!!!