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Today, to Me, You Were a Bright, Shiny Coin in the 'Good Humanity' Pond
"United flight 664, I'm on to you! I know you purposely placed that nurse next to me knowing I needed a helping hand.. but what I got was so much more! I got to laugh and smile when I really should have been a puddle of ugly tears. Being a first time mom, flying with an infant and being emotional about the core reason of my trip, I am so grateful for this woman. She didnt even know how sad I was to have been flying away from a state full of people I need and love because she was super cheery from beginning to end! She doesn't know that I fear that could have been my last time seeing my grandmother or that I'm flying back to the place we live but do not love because it is 1,000 miles away from the people we love most... what is usually a tearful event for me was pleasantly warm and calming mostly because of the woman pictured in this post! For a couple hours- she really did change the route of my day. She held my 5 month old daughter for a big part of the flight (giving my arms a rest), let her teethe on her purse handle, drool all over her, let her have 'window seat' time and made me feel at ease!
Today, to me, you were a bright, shiny coin in the 'good humanity' pond! Thank you for being exactly what I needed and for being so sweet with Kaia. I hope you get that grand daughter we talked about!"
Credits: Kristen Higley
999 views Mar 11, 2017

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