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We Should All Have a "Gee" in Our Lives, Who We Love, Cherish and Protect, Unconditionally
"This is my daughter, Campbell "Gee" Burgess, although she is exceptional in every way, she is challenged with many disabilities, including being non-verbal, epileptic, autistic and a whole host of other issues that make life interesting. This is her, friend...he looks out for his "Gee," as he calls her and this precious display was caught as he was escorting his, "Gee" to her dental appointment. He does the same thing each day when she goes to take her meds. This video really inspired me as it is evident the love he has for her and the trust she has in him...this propelled me to think about, we should all have a "Gee" in our lives, who we love, cherish and protect, unconditionally!"
Credits: Jeremy Burgess
96 views Mar 11, 2017

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