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Be an Organ Donor and Give the Ultimate Gift of Love - LIFE
This Valentine's Day my family has something...or I should say someone...very sweet to celebrate. Today is not only Valentine's Day but it's also National Donor Day so what better day to remember our precious Jobe and celebrate the gift of life he was able to give to a beautiful baby girl. A few months ago, through the magic of the internet, a momma saw a comment I had made on Gift of Life Michigan's facebook page and reached out to me because she just *knew* that I was their donor mom. Over the course of a couple of messages we both knew she was right! Last weekend we had the honor and privilege of meeting the most perfect and precious girl - with the most precious name, Rose - in the entire world and join their celebration of her first birthday!!! I've never felt such a deep connection to a family or a baby I'd never met before...it was like we had known them all along. Jason and I were able to hold Rose and feel and hear her beautiful heartbeat...Jobe's heart that I made inside me...beating perfectly inside of her little chest. Our God is SO BIG and SO GREAT and He has shown Himself to us in ways we couldn't even fathom. Almost 11 months ago, I was begging Him to show Himself in a mighty way and to spare our son. Little did I know that there was a family who was in the same hospital begging God to spare their daughter. I don't know why God chooses to do what He does and I know that I'll never understand. However, I am so thankful to live in an age where He has given us the tools we have through modern medicine and we are able to see a real life miracle with our own eyes. God is pouring down blessings on us and He IS showing Himself mightily - even if it's not exactly how I envisioned it. Ever since we made the decision to give life it has been my prayer that whoever received his organ(s) would be able to do everything here on earth that he won't and that they live their life to their fullest potential! I am eternally grateful to Rose's mommy and daddy for allowing us to be a part of her life and I can't wait to watch Rose grow up. Julie Marie Hill & Chris Lowe - THANK YOU for finding us and allowing us to share in Rose's life...we love you guys! So this Valentine's Day be a hero, sign up to be an organ donor and give the ultimate gift of love - LIFE!!!!!! giftoflifemichigan.org
Credits: Courtney Britt
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Julie Marie Hill 290 points
My amazing miracle baby Rose! The road to transplant was a rocky one. We're still working every day to give her the best life possible. Its not always easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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Mar 11, 2017
Courtney Britt 110 points
Oh, how we love that miracle baby!!! You are such an incredible mommy to her and the best advocate she could ever ask for. Your strength is beyond inspiring to me and I hope you know how thankful we are that you chose to reach out and include us in her life!
ecagle01 250 points
This is a beautiful family that gives love in many ways. Please consider organ donation in honor of their sweet Jobe.
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Mar 11, 2017
Susan Nikolaus 230 points
One tiny heart, that draws so many together. That's love.
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Mar 14, 2017