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You Are Not Alone and There Is Hope and Light at the End of the Tunnel.
I am 28 years old...my son just turned two on March 4th and just almost 2 months ago I was diagnosed with postpartum depression.. I was going through it and didn't even know it for 2 years. I never ever thought it could happen to me.
But yes postpartum depression is very real and doesn't discriminate. I pushed it aside for so long because I thought I had to, and that it was normal to feel that way it was just normal motherhood and mothers are not suppose to feel weak we are the glue that bonds everything together. It's not something that is talked about often or brought up.
But it is real. Its not just the not bonding with the baby...its so much more and deeper than that. Its the crying over nothing, crying in the shower or in the closet, the loneliness, the sleepness nights, the helplessness, the anger, frustration, doubt, feeling like a complete failure, and the suicidal thoughts all the time. My poor family saw the worst of me, my mood swings, anger, lashing out, but stuck by my side.
I'm sharing my story because it needs to be addressed it needs to be talked about and it needs to be seen. It's not ok to feel this way and it is ok to get help and there is nothing shameful about that. And to any other mother out there feeling the same you are not alone and there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.
I was afraid for so long to speak up and say I think something is wrong because I was afraid. After my last breakdown I finally broke down and said ok this is not normal and said to my husband something is wrong and I need help, not only for myself but for my family, my son.
Here I am 2 months later and I feel so much better with the help I have received.. with my husband, mother, and close friends love and support by my side I have made it out of my hole. I will never be completely healed, but at least now I know how to cope and deal.

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