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In Loving Memory of Shayne Young
“My loving father passed away unexpectedly and I was hoping to share his story with you.
Mainly because of his kind spirit and because I believe so many can relate in one way or another.”
Indy Janosch sent me this story about his dad.
It’s not a happy story.
It’s just a story about a beautiful life and a sudden death.
It’s also a story that I’m sure we can all relate with.
Losing someone who we love.
And at the same time celebrating their life.
I hope you can take two minutes to read it.
Here’s what Indy wrote me about his father Shayne:
Shayne came in to my life when I was 7 years old. Eventually, we all lived together at our apartment in San Jose.
Shayne began taking care of me like I was his own child.
He took care of all things that were important for a child, fun or not.
I still remember the night he helped me glue what seemed like hundreds of pieces of macaroni on the roof of my fourth grade mission project.
He was a man that took care of it all and always seemed proud to do so.
In 2000 Shayne accepted a job in Sonoma County and moved our family in hopes of offering a better life than he had known growing up.
I always remembered looking up to him because of his work ethic.
He was driven to provide for those around him.
Shayne accepted another big job offer years later and we eventually moved to Healdsburg.
Shayne thrived at his new job position.
In the Spring of 2015 our family was directly effected by the rising rental costs in California.
Our family had lived in this house for over 10 years and suddenly the cost would be increasing and he would have to leave.
By this time I was no longer living with my parents but they were trying their hardest to find somewhere within their reach that could be afforded.
Shayne was able to find something temporarily but shortly following he was informed that his position at work would no longer be existent.
This was devastating to a man who's sole intention was to provide his family with the best life he could.
Shayne always dreamed to own a home of his own but it was becoming further out of reach in California.
He decided to follow his dream and find happiness in Nebraska with my mother.
They moved in the Summer of 2016 and bought their dream home.
Unfortunately, Shayne passed away before he could live the dream he had waited his entire life for.
He was not able to see everything in his dream home and yard completed.
His dream fence was just finished but he was unable to see it before his passing.
It breaks my heart to know that a man who was always willing to help others will never get the joys he worked so hard to create.
My father has touched many lives in our local community and we are all very saddened by his sudden loss and the circumstances of his story.
I understand that you are very busy and I would like to thank you for your time in reading my father's story.
Indy Janosch
Credits: Indy Janosch Riley
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