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The Brave One, This Little One
"I remember the one anesthesiologist holding my hand and the other rubbing my head telling me how 'good I was doing' and 'it will be okay' as tears fell down my face. One hand had IV’s for fluids for me, while the other they had started for another IV after they realized the amount of blood I was losing. I remember the conversations the Dr.s and nurses had that morning. I remember hearing 'I’ve never seen a placenta, purple before' or 'ya that’s a 75% tear' or 'she’s lost a lot of blood, theres a clot too.'
I remember hearing him say 'a few more hours and the baby would not have been here, and if Ashley had just gone back to bed, she may have not been here either.' WOW. I do remember crying to myself that night. How could I have been that close to losing a child, or my own life? I’m invincible right?
Everyday that passed brought new challenges to us. Watching your little baby drop to 2 lbs 13 oz, having slight problems along the way, maintaining her weight hoping to grow a little was like watching a miracle before our eyes. Holding her for the first time, even though it was for a few minutes, was the most magical day of my life. We watched her physically grow eye lashes, nails grow longer, hair come and go, and finish developing into the little girl she is today.
The time we spent in the NICU were the hardest days of our lives, but we couldn’t be thankful enough for everyone thinking and asking about us. I do ask, please mommy’s to be, the days are long, but the years are short…months of pregnancy is so exhausting, uncomfortable, and just plain HARD. Those kicks are bruising and endless at times, but I promise you it is worth it. I know it's not easy, but from a mom who didn’t get to experience that with her third, I wish I was you right now- hanging in there until the last days of pregnancy and anticipating a normal birth, like I did with my other two. Count your blessings, and be humble because you are BLESSED to be doing what you are, growing a perfect little baby.
And today. . . my former 3 lb 2 oz miracle baby that was born from a placental abruption, took her first steps 4 days from 17 months old. Everly stood for 3 seconds at my sisters house this afternoon, for the first time unassisted, obviously, I was THRILLED. We came home and she bent down, pushed herself and stood....and then she WALKED...AND WALKED....AND WALKED....and hasn't stopped since.She would NOT even stand by herself, let alone take more than a step, and today, she DID!
I am so proud of her, I have cried and cried. Just a month ago, I was starting to question if she was in need of some help and was worried something was wrong...but she has proven me wrong, again and again."
Credits: Ashley Costanzo
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