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Utah Couple Goes Viral After Keeping Pregnancy a Secret for Nine Months
Two days before the baby was born, Carolynn received an exciting surprise - this birth would make her a grandma 11 times over.
"You see it in the video but ultimately, it was better than I expected. I thought she was going to hit me, but she turned around and hit my dad and kind of laughed it off." Tannin Pease said.
After the birth of their second child, Tannin and wife Katie Pease had two miscarriages and decided to wait until they knew the gender for this pregnancy.
"We had already been through two miscarriages where we told people we were pregnant and then we had to tell them we weren't anymore. That was heartbreaking and we didn't want to have to go through that again, so it helped waiting so long." Katie said.
"When we Skyped and I saw [Katie's] face, I thought, 'Oh she stopped jogging. That's OK ... no judgment here," Grandma Carolynn said. "I didn't really expect to hear anything this soon especially with the last miscarriage they had, which was traumatic. I was just completely floored. I feel really elated because they've had a hard time and I was really excited for them. I thought the whole thing was very thoughtful to surprise me."
"My mom said to me that it was the best birthday present she's ever had and was super excited to be able to hold another grandchild," Tannin said.

Credits: Tannin Pease
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