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York Co. Teen Surprises Step-dad With Adoption Papers
Julia Zharichenko has considered John Moore to be her father for the last seven years. Soon, she'll be able to call him her dad, and it will be official.
On Christmas, Julia, 18, surprised her step-dad with adoption papers. She posted the video on Facebook, which is going viral locally, with hundreds of likes and comments, and thousands of views. The video shows John opening up his Christmas gift, and him hugging his step-daughter when he soon realizes she'll legally be considered his daughter.

Julia say it is something she and John had talked about before, but not in about a year, she says. Adoption is extra meaningful for John, given that years ago, he asked his father to legally adopt him, as well.

She Says
"Today I asked the man who took my biological father's place for the past seven years, to sign adoption papers so I can finally be officially his. I am now Julia Marie Moore. The video of him opening the present is below and it was a complete surprise to him!"
Credits: Julia Marie Moore
778 views Feb 24, 2017

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