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This Guy "Nick Foster" Is a Hero
“Nick Foster is a hero
He found my bag which had a copy of my driver’s license and passport in it so he was able to find me on Facebook.”

This is just one of those stories about someone doing the right thing.
Teshya Russo posted this after her car was broken into.
The thieves stole her bag.

She was so excited that Nick Foster found it and returned it.
Here's the rest of what she wrote:

The thieves took my jewelry but everything else was in my bag!
Wet, but there.

Prayer and positivity are powerful things.
It got me through stage 4 cancer over the summer.

One of the things in my bag was my journal that I kept throughout my chemotherapy treatments.

It was something that could never be replaced.
It means so much to have it back.

It's so nice to know there are good people like Nick Foster in this world.

Credits: Teshya Russo
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Lily1241 170 points
Love my warrior friend- Teshya
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Feb 11, 2017