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Splash 4 Life Challenge
Our son Carter was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome this past May. If you have not heard of Sanfilippo Syndrome, you are not alone. Basically, Sanfilippo syndrome is a child's version of Alzheimer's. It is is a rapid degenerative and terminal disease in children. By his next birthday, Carter will loose almost all of his speech and language. He will then loose his fine motor skills, his mobility and ability to walk and during all of this he may develop seizures and painful movement disorders until his life will be taken from him more than likely in his mid teens. There is currently no cure, but there are clinical trials, testing, and hopeful treatments are starting.

We created this challenge to help raise money and awareness for this rare and fatal disease in children. We are hopeful that with your help, we can find a cure for all types of Sanfilippo Syndrome and give these children a chance at life!

All donations will be going to the Cure Sanfilippo foundation and used to fund more options for children in clinical trials. Also, all donations are tax-deductible!!!!

1. Grab a friend, partner, child, whoever you can.
2. Play one game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
3. The player who wins gets to splash the other player with water from a cup, hose, bucket…use your imagination the sky is the limit!!

The looser is asked to donate at least $10 on Splash4Life.com. Please nominate at least 2-3 other people and tag your videos with #splash4Life.

Please post your video's on social media with ‪#‎Splash4Life‬ challenge and most importantly tag & challenge 3 friends.

We need your help!! With awareness comes a cure!
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Carter's Challenge
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