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Ali and donya
Batten disease
69 views Jan 19, 2015
Victoria Holland 25,260 points
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Victoria Holland 25,260 points
Ali Love you Ali #Alistrong miss you lovely angel wish Ellen would help donya in finding a cure and spreading awareness on batten disease please help no one should have to go through what poor Ali did and all others have.
+6 votes
Jan 19, 2015
Kelly Hessler 12,920 points
Sleeping Beauty. Love
+4 votes
Jan 19, 2015
Christine Alexa Morr 51,810 points
I love you Angel baby! Always and forever! Sending prayers from Ontario, Canada! We will find a cure for Batten's!
+3 votes
Jan 20, 2015
JoAnn Caudle 18,040 points
Ever see a sleeping Angel? Now you have!
+1 vote
Jan 20, 2015
+1 vote
Apr 23, 2015
Amy Moore Grant 75,520 points
Ali's army will never stop fighting will you help us Ellen!!! ALI STRONG!!
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Jan 20, 2015