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going bald! Isn't too bad
This is my very best friend, who has taught me more about life, love, and unselfishness than all 5 ex-husbands combined. She is funny, caring, and very loving. This young lady has taken care of crabby ole me for a few years now. She never complains as she is trying to make me comfortable, or fed. You see my our room and bathroom involves stairs, and with my rheumatoid arthritis, and now cancer treatments it is had to go up and down. So while at home I am pretty much isolated alone in my room. Though Nikki will bring my plate for dinner and join me, I feel so sad cause we are not eating as a family should. Her two children have been a hge help and very caring, which reflects on her as a great mom. How she does everything I do not know, but she is deserving of so much good.
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