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This 21-Year-Old Asks Her Stepmom to Adopt Her after 17 Years And Her Reaction Will Have You In Tears
A 21-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to surprise her stepmom with a very special Christmas gift.

On Christmas Day, she handed her stepmother a handmade ornament and a letter. On one side, the ornament read; 'My Wonderful Mother', and on the other: 'Will you adopt me?'

The stepmom broke down into tears and said she’s been waiting so long.

The video was posted on Facebook and has gone viral.

In her letter, the stepdaughter wrote: 'You have been the best thing my dad has given me. Calling you my stepmom is almost insulting ... The work that you have put into being there for me is something that can't ever be replaced. Thank you for being the mom that I needed.'

Credits:Marissa Thamann
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