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Watch This hilarious Canadian Driveway Ice Hysterics
Canadian Driveway Ice Hysterics
Credits:Caroline Charter
5,607 views Jan 13

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Silvia Livia 250 points
This is hilarious!!
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Jan 14
SnapeFan71 190 points
This video makes me laugh until I get teary eyed every time.  The Lady's laugh is the best and makes it even funnier.
+2 votes
Jan 14
love this, I too laugh each and every time I watch and have sent this to many of my FB friends!!!!
Linda Averitt 190 points
OMG!!! This video and that laughter cracks me up EVERY time I watch it!!! :P
+1 vote
Jan 18
salfromdaval 180 points
I couldnt stop laughing at this video...the ladys laugh was hilariously contagious!!! Hope the lady got home ok!
0 votes
2 days ago