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Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez west Texas country music singer...Marine Corps veteran of 6 years...used all of his assets, saving to pursue his dreams of being a country music star...single father, raised son since he was 6 years old....
looking for help to be heard...biggest dream is to do a USO Tour for fellow brothers and sisters still defending this great country...

When an artist approaches me with their music it means they have taken the time to search me out and want to know my opinion. Reviewing music is like critiquing a manuscript. You want to encourage the artist but still point out their flaws. From my point as an author, I want someone to tell me what I need to fix and I hope that when an artist approaches me, they are willing to learn.

Mike Hernandez has jumped through those hoops... and learned the lessons necessary that should put him on the charts. Not just Texas but Indie's and Billboard. His music is pure country with strong Texas influence. As you listen to the twelve tracks on his That Was All She Wrote album, you will hear a consistency unlike anything I've reviewed in some time. Some artists produce their albums with high and low points like a roller coaster ride. While this is not a bad thing (we use this technique in fiction writing all the time), sometimes you just want to take a lazy float and enjoy the moment. That Was All She Wrote is that moment.

Don't get me wrong, not all of the songs are slow. The title track has an undercurrent of Tejano that pulls you to the dance floor and the rest of the album will keep you there until the final strains of Adios Amiga.

Mike wants everyone to know who he is and the type of music he is capable of. That may be why you can listen to the entire album on his Reverbnation and Webpage. From those locations you can purchase the downloadable tracks you like, which I'm betting is going to be all of them.

If you like George Strait, Rick Trevino and Alan Jackson, you will love Mike Hernandez.

If I had one critique about THAT WAS ALL SHE WROTE, it would be that while I understand the marketing aspect of this album, I do not think I would offer full versions to the general public on future albums. As my mom would say, 'why buy what you can get for free?' This album is worth paying for.

I'm tipping my hat: 5 tips

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