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Jaxon’s Story
Jaxon’s Story
Hi everyone, we are the Klimecks. We are husband and wife; Jace and Lacey. And our son is Jaxon John Klimeck. (We like to call him our Man Cub.) We believe in Jesus, the Three-in-One, and we have seen Him move mountains. We believe wholeheartedly #weserveabigGod. This caringbridge is for our man cub, Jaxon

Jaxons story starts actually before he was even conceived. In the fall of 2014 we experienced two miscarriages to our babies we named Hope & Heaven. This was just the start to the challenges our marriage would endure.

While recovering from the pain of the losses of our babies, Lacey started noticing her body losing capabilities. It started with the inability to sit up, which she passed by as she needed to work out more. It progressed to being unable lift her arms as high as she could. Stairs became super tough for her, running next to Jace on the treadmill at the gym became impossible. And in April of 2015, after a Dr visit, blood labs done, and a fall that made her unable to get off the ground she checked into the ER. She had a muscle biopsy done and was diagnosed with a rare Autoimmune Muscle Disease. With this disease they saw death in the muscle they also saw regeneration. We remained hopeful. When she left the hospital she was at her weakest point where she couldn't shower herself, stand up off the toilet without help, sit up on her own, or even lift her arms above her abdomen area.

It took her about a year to regain almost all the strength back that she had lost. We believe that's due to #weserveabigGod. Jace and Lacey's marriage became unbreakable. In that time they worked hard to help Lacey regain strength by doing a lot of "dates" with physical therapy. There is also the medication side to the healing as well. We fought hard to get Lacey down from a steroid and add IVIg infusions monthly (receiving plasma through an IV). We were given other options for medication however, with that choice there wouldn't be a chance to conceive on that medication.

We were not ready to close the door on God working a miracle in Lacey's womb.

After getting down to an acceptable dose of steroid for pregnancy, being cleared by Dr's and her Physical Therapist as well as noticing how much Lacey's strength had been regained we decided to try to conceive. Our thoughts were to let God control this.

On May 5, 2016 we found out we were pregnant. Believe it or not but this was also National Day of Prayer.

"For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him." -1Samuel 1:27

Because of Lacey's autoimmune disease she decided to advocate for herself and push to see a perinatologist. We knew she had an anti-body that could put the Baby at a small risk for a heart block.

At week 17 we went into our ultra sound with the perinatologist and not only found out that we can rule out congenital heart block, but also found out we were having a BOY! We were blessed to get to have our Jaxon John! His first name has been picked out since before we were engaged over 6 years ago!

We were told at that 17 week appointment that it is understood that autoimmune diseases can complicate pregnancies. Since Lacey's is rare we don't know the outcome of what will happen. Even though Jaxon was fully healthy looking from the ultra sound the perinatologist still made the decision to see us back at 26 weeks just to make sure everything was going well.

At 25 weeks, 6 days Lacey had her "26" week appointment and both Jace and Lacey were excited to see Jaxon again. But it was at that appointment that it was determined Jaxon was smaller than average weight for a 26 week baby. Everything seemed fine with the blood flow and fluids. The perinatologist said "strict bedrest" and eat a lot of protein. She wanted to see Lacey back in one week. It was also determined that his growth restriction had correlation to Lacey having an autoimmune disease.

On October 10, we went into the appointment feeling hopeful to get off of bed rest, however at that appointment we found out that the blood flow in Jaxon's umbilical cord wasn't flowing normally. It was at that appointment that we found out eventually the blood flow would become reverse flow, and that would have caused him to be stillborn in a matter of weeks.

Lacey was admitted to the birthing center where they would keep a close eye on Jaxons heartbeat. If his heartbeat would sky rocket or go really low that would indicate he was in distress and that he would need to be delivered. However, his first goal was to stay in until the first of two steroid shots Lacey would receive 2 days in a row. If he stayed in her womb for the first 24 hours, he would receive 70% of the benefits of that for his lung growth. His second goal was to remain in for 48 hours after the first shot so he could receive 100% of that shot.

Our Man Cub is a fighter and beat both goals!! His third goal was to try to make it to 28 weeks, however it didn't look too promising that he would.

On Thursday October 13, we had an early morning ultra sound with the perinatologist to check on his blood flow in his umbilical cord. We had prepped for a C-section just in case. We found out that even though the blood flow had not changed, Jaxon was compensating his blood flow from his arms and legs to the important organs like his brain and heart. It was at that appointment we found out it would not get better from there and it was determined it would be better to bring Jaxon into the world where he is somewhat healthy at this gestation than to bring him into the world when he's in distress. Our perinatologist said, "well it looks like today is going to be his birthday!"

Going into an unplanned C-section we didn't know exactly what to think. While it was not in our birth plan at all, Jaxons birth was beautiful to us. Before going in, we studied Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." and repeated that over and over throughout the surgery. We prayed over our son that God would use his little life for amazing things. And just as they were going to pull him out, Jace got to stand up and watch! Jaxon was quickly taken out and Jace told Lacey "he's beautiful, he's tiny but beautiful!" Jace got to go back by him and they left the umbilical cord longer so Jace was able to cut it, and he was able to snap some photos of Jaxon. He came by Lacey and said "you ready to meet your son? They are going to wheel him past quickly but he needs to get upstairs." We were able to get a quick family photo and off Jace & Jaxon went to the NICU.

Jaxon remains in critical condition in the NICU. We have been told he will remain in critical condition for the next few weeks. We have been told he will remain here until his due date, January 10, 2017.

Since before his conception, we know that the Lord has clearly put His hands directly over Jaxon's life. In the time we have spent with our son, we have literally seen God move mountains. Jaxon is our Man Cub. He is our little fighter, he is Gods warrior. God directly has given us a son to be our firstborn. Just like the Lord used all other firstborn sons in the Bible, we wholeheartedly believe our son is going to be used for good!
Credits: Pray for Jaxon
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