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Crisis Intervention, Disabled Victim of Elder Abuse, Nephew learns Hoyer Lift
To all my friends, fans and followers: On November 19th, my entire life came to a screeching halt, as I realized a member of my family needed an *immediate caregiver* - and *protector*. I immediately dropped everything and relocated to begin leading a kind of "motley crue" of a crisis management team, through the infrastructure of my non-profit [. . .] and then, Angels descended. This is why my Facebook accounts were deactivated for some time, along with legitimate concerns about her physical and my physical safety.

Later tonight, I'm going to be posting a video asking for your help, and explaining what's going on. Please, if you're part of the Camp Anawanna Salute Your Shorts family - or have been following my life for a while, if you would - please goto my Trevor Eyster Fan Page and set your notifications to tell you when I post so you don't miss it. We really need your help. As early as Wednesday of next week - I may be incarcerated.

Please be on the look out for my next post coming later this evening. *Time is of the essence of the help we need.* For now, I can leave you with this. -- Trevor (Spongey)
The song included in this Instagram video, is "Everything I've Got in My Pocket", by an artist, activist and woman I generally adore: Minnie Driver (Twitter: @driverminnie). I have reached out to her for her blessing to continue to use this song, as now I am seeking this video to receive greater exposure.
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Thank you all of the Army of Angels and the Camp Anawanna Campfire Tribal Council for taking the time to register here and UPVOTE THIS VIDEO! Ellen here we come, to raise national awareness to the Elder Abuse and Caregiver problem, and help LIFT up Aunt Barb from the fallout of her abuse!
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Jan 1, 2017
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Jan 1, 2017