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Teen Secretly Wears Shoes 3 Sizes Too Small, Can’t Believe When Classmates Hand Him Wrapped Gift
The Christmas season is upon us, and for many people, that means the season of giving, which never means more than when the individual you are being generous towards desperately needs it.

Such was the case of a high school junior from Somerset High School in Texas, whose suffering, thankfully, did not go unnoticed. Like these young kids who helped their own special-needs friend, here is another example that kids can be understanding and generous in their own way.

One day, J.R. Gilbert, a special-needs student from the school, let his classmate and friend Salvador Solis in on a secret: His shoes were three sizes too small, causing him an immense amount of pain each day. As he complained about the pain, Salvador couldn’t believe it.

“He was telling me ‘My shoes aren’t fitting anymore.’ My parents buy me almost anything I want, so it bothered me when he told me that,” Solis told InsideEdition.

Solis decided to do something about it, so he and two friends started a collection fund to get J.R. some new shoes.

The overwhelming response they got from their fellow classmates not only allowed them to get J.R. one gift, but two.

His reaction when opening his brand new Nike sneakers, these a perfect fit, is something to behold.

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