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The Big Sycamore tree
Kental's sister <3 Lilli DePaul wrote a story for a school assignment. Each animal in the story represents a foster child that has blessed our home. Kental was the first. We are so grateful for the opportunity we had to adopt him. Thank you Lilli !!! I love this story <3
The Big Sycamore Tree
We lived in a little sycamore tree and sang our family song all day long. We lived in a big forest, bigger then I could ever know. Each family of birds had their very own tree, each family of foxes had their very own den, each family of frogs had their very own swamp, raccoons had their spots, snakes had their holes, turtles had their ponds, bunnies had their burrows, and squirrels had their nests. Each family had their very own song. Papa Bird, Mama Bird, Sister Bird and I would sing our family’s song in perfect pitch. We would sing all day long on top of our little sycamore tree. Each forest family would sing their own song all day long, and the forest was filled with different tunes. One day Mama Bird went to find food for Sister Bird and I. Along the way, she found a squirrel, not with its very own family, and nowhere near its very own nest. Seeing the squirrel made Mama Bird very sad. She brought him to our little sycamore tree. The squirrel was brought into our little sycamore tree and suddenly it grew a branch. We took a break from singing our family’s song when I noticed the squirrel who was not singing at all. “Why aren’t you singing?” I asked the squirrel “I’ve never learned a song” the squirrel said This made me confused. Didn’t everyone in the big forest learn their very own family’s song? The next day, Mama Bird went out to find us food. She came back with food and two little foxes. The two foxes were brought into our little sycamore tree, and it suddenly grew two more branches. Again we stopped singing our family’s song when I noticed the foxes, who, strangely enough, weren’t singing at all. Again I asked, “Why aren’t you singing?” “We don’t remember our family’s song.” Answered one of the two foxes. Again, I became confused. How can you forget your family’s song if the family is always singing it? Every day after that, the same thing would happen. Next came a frog, and a branch grew, two raccoons, two branches grew, a snake, a branch grew, a turtle, a branch grew, and a bunny, and a branch grew. I found it odd that so many animals in our big forest did not have a family or a home, and it was even more odd that our little sycamore tree was quite large now. Our now big sycamore tree had branches going out in all directions, spreading far and wide. We had branches for each type of forest animal and they were able to come and go as they pleased. The little squirrel never left, which was good, because we didn’t want him to. We loved the squirrel as if he was a bird too. One day, as we were sitting on top of our big sycamore tree, singing our family’s song, the squirrel joined us. He had learned our family’s song, and we were happy with that. It wasn’t completely the same as the way we sung, but it made our family song different then any song ever sung in our big forest. All the animals of the forest looked up to hear the new harmony added to our family’s song on top of our big sycamore tree.
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