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The horrible R word
So Ellen and watchers if you have not heard about the Walmart cup that had (Got R*TARD??) on it here it is... Walmart.com recently had came out with a mug that had this on it which upset lots of people including myself seeing that my daughter is disabled I'm also part of a online group with other parents that take their children to Riley children's hospital in Indianapolis Indiana that were all very upset in all the chaos on my post about it Walmart did remove their product but we all were still hurt about the word being thrown around so casually by a store that's supposed to be all about family not only was that a snack in the face but a young lady on my facebook decided to pretty much say it was ok to call disabled people this word this word should not be thrown around sorry about my language but here's my live video from facebook of you can't see it please look me up and watch and share it people need to know how this word effects people disabled or not thanks so much CRYSTAL MAE SHELTON
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