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This Adorable Girl is Amazing - GetKamiToEllen
This Adorable Girl is Amazing - GetKamiToEllen

This little ball of energy is my best friend in the entire world, my 11 year old cousin, Kamilyn. To look at her, you wouldn't know that less than four months ago, she underwent an excruciating and life-altering surgery to correct a medical problem that she has suffered with for her entire life. Beneath the smiles and underneath the laughs is a little girl that has gone through more in the past year than most grown adults would ever have to go through in a lifetime. Past the pokes and the prods, the unfathomable pain, the cruel stares from those who simply will never understand what it's like to be different, and the missed opportunities to do what little girls should be able to do, Kamilyn has remained bright, positive, and a source of light throughout her journey. When life gave her lemons (a whole lot, at that), she not only made lemonade, she shared it with everyone she knew. Just like Ellen DeGeneres, Kamilyn always knows when to crack a joke and when to share a smile. When the days were difficult, Kami would curl up on the couch and watch Ellen for hours on end. It's only fair that we give Ellen the chance to watch this beauty for a change, so here she is, world. From lying in the hospital bed with countless tubes and machines less than four months ago, to juju-ing (hmmm?) on the beat today, here's our girl. Let's get her on Ellen so that she can raise awareness for neurogenic bladder and bowel and show the world that the difference between being a victim and being a victor is a smile and a positive attitude! As you all know, Ellen has countless photos and videos sent to her every day. Let's share this video and #GetKamiToEllen so that we can make a brave little girl's day!
Credits: Kylee Danielle
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Hello all! I am Kamilyn's cousin, Kylee! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our girl dance her heart out. Kami has been through more than most could ever imagine, yet she does everything in her power to bring light to the world. Her laugh is enough to make your heart melt, and her jokes? Don't even get me started on how hilarious she is. Through all she has been through, Kamilyn has become an advocate for neurogenic bladder and bowel and also for standing tall against those who just don't understand. From young children to (unbelievably) older adults, she has had her fair share of cruel stares and whispered comments... As we all know, Ellen wants us to be kind to one another, and Kamilyn radiates this through ever smile and hug that she gives! Please help me get my girl to Ellen, so that she can share her story and raise up others who may (or may not, for that matter) be in a similar situation. Thank you ALL for watching, and hopefully for voting. #GetKamiToEllen
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Dec 14, 2016