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Meet This Upstanding, Humble 22 year Marine Veteran - Bruce Merritt
Bruce Merritt is an upstanding, humble 22 year Marine veteran, and employee at local grocery store here on Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan. He is beloved by many and makes each person he comes in contact with feel loved, heard, and seen. He radiates pure joy and makes time for even the smallest of shoppers. This warmth means everything to families who are so far from home. The 3 year old (who is in the video), suffers from social anxiety, so Bruce's friendship has been profound for her.
Credits: ‎N'tima Preusser‎
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Teresa L Martinez-Tr 150 points
I know Bruce here at Yokota too and he is my favorite employee there...he always has a smile for everyone, even if you are getting mad at the computer at the self help checkout..he never loses his cool and will even crack a joke to make you laugh.
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Dec 10, 2016
Bruce is the BEST!!!