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New Jersey Dad Makes His Adorable 9-Month-Old Son Scream in Delight
New Jersey Dad Makes His Adorable 9-Month-Old Son Scream in Delight

Warren Robinson and his son Cameron were in the kitchen, waiting for the 9-month-old's bottle of milk to get warmed up when Robinson, 32, decided to pass the time by making his baby laugh.

It didn't take long for Robinson's funny noises to send Cameron into a fit of screams and laughter.

"He started laughing at the first sound, and he would just crack up more," Robinson told
The Roselle, New Jersey, father shared a video of Cameron's laughter on Facebook last week. It's now been viewed more than 14 million times.

Cameron's mother, Bisola Ayiloge, said he has always been a "very silly" baby.
"He's always smiling, always laughing," Ayiloge, 32 said. "His first laugh was when he was about 3-and-a-half months old."

Ayiloge and her husband welcomed baby Cameron into the world on New Year's Eve 2015 and have been learning more about parenting every day since then.

"I've learned that every baby is different," Ayiloge said. "I used to follow these mommy groups and milestones very closely to the point where I started t worry myself. But then I realized Cam is kind of his own person, his own kid. Now, I just go with the flow with what works with Cam."

Credits: Warren Robinson
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