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Please Pray For Teri Winter
This is Teri Winter , an amazing WIFE and loving MOTHER of 2 beautiful DAUGHTERS and a cornucopia of farm FURBABIES. She is currently in Toronto, hours away from her loving family WAITING for the GIFT of LIFE, a HEART TRANSPLANT due to a GENETIC heart DISEASE resulting in HEART FAILURE
If anyone, Teri is deserving of being shown SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE hit that LIKE/LOVE BUTTON and SHOW her. Leave COMMENTS below ON THIS POST, your wishes of wellness, strength, any funny uplifting stories, sending of healing energy or just a simple comment of where on this wonderful Earth you are LOCATED. Most of all HIT THE SHARE button to SHOW your PRAYERS and to let Teri TRAVEL THE WORLD FROM HER HOSPITAL ROOM.
ALSO take a moment to think about, research and talk to your loved ones about becoming an organ and tissue donor.
Let your bits and pieces you did not wear out in life be a gift of life.
Let your lungs breathe after you have taken your last breath.
Let your eyes to the windows to another soul.
Let your heart beat beyond your time.
Be a gift of life, be an organ and tissue donor

Credits: Susan Lediett
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Lmaki1991 220 points
I've known Teri and her family for almost 2 years now and the love that this family has is contagious. You can't help but smile when you're around them, having Teri so far away from home is hard on her family especially her husband. He is such a strong person just like his wife Teri, they are one the strongest couples I've ever met. They have been through so much the last 4 or so years with doctors visits, travelling 8 hours to Toronto to see specialists, the cost of all of this is taking a toll on the family. We held a benefit dinner to help raise money for the family to be able to go and spend Christmas with Teri in Toronto. We are trying to raise more to help with the cost of her medication after they find her a heart and do the surgery. If anyone deserves recognition it is Teri Winter, she has such a big impact on her small community of Desbarats, ON and surrounding area that people are willing to do anything to help her out. Please if anyone knows Teri or is/has gone through something like this please help in anyway you can.
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Nov 30, 2016
Rob Winter 230 points
On behalf of Teri and my family we sincerely appreciate everything everyone has done for us! Its not easy having her in the hospital 8 hours away...nor is it easy to watch her fo through this...I love this woman with every fiber of my being..since 1993 i also bought her flowers on the anniversary of our first kiss...i know we have something special!  As incredible as she is to all of us that know her...and for everyone wanting to help...please read the stories of the other people here...they are incredible!  You know Teri would/does want you to do this..love you all...thanks!!
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Dec 2, 2016
Janet Kendrick-Calla 220 points
I met Teri through my granddaughter Hailey and Yapa, a local poultry association.  My granddaughter has been blessed to have such a kind,considerate person in her circle. Watching all these young people, learning, helping one another along side this amazing woman is so heart warming. Sending prayers and hugs to Teri and her amazing family. Please know that people really care, about your well being Teri.
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Dec 2, 2016
Susan Lediett 420 points
I am elated that Teri Winter has been picked as one of Ellen DeGeneres ”Most deserving” candidates. I posted about Teri because I am hoping to bring to light HER story and many other people who are currently waiting for Organ, (Tissue) Donation and Transplant.

I met Teri and her family when they pulled into my home based fudge business. We spoke some what briefly but what struck me, and stuck to me the most was the love and light this family has for each other. Their close family dynamics beam through their eyes and radiates directly into your heart and soul.
When I heard about Teri's fight with Genetic Heart Disease and was now in need of a heart transplant I was deeply saddened and wanted to help in any way small or big. I made up a post in hopes of sending Teri on a social media trip around the world, praying that it would be shared with prayers and comments be made to lift up spirits, give prayers, healing energy vibes and to show love to a loving, lovely person who is away from her husband, 2 daughters, family and friends.
The community immediately rallied around the family with helping out around their farm and with a wonderfully successful fundraising dinner and an ongoing, GoFundMe campaign to help ease the financial costs incurred with Teri being miles/hours away from her family waiting in a Toronto hospital. With the cost of travel, parking, lodging, meals etc financial help would ease some of the stress on the family while they wait, wish and pray for a gift of a heart AND for continuing support of Teri's recovery AFTER she receives this blessings of a heart.
I know I only met her ONCE but that is ALL IT TOOK for her to warm my heart, shake my spirit and imprint her light on my soul.  
PLEASE vote for Teri's Ellen DeGeneres Most Deserving candidate, contribute what you can on her GoFundMe campaign comment a prayer, hello, funny uplifting story or just simply hit the like/love button and SHARE
If I could I would willing, graciously and proudly relinquish my heart to beat in place of hers because I know from that one simple single meeting, that ONE extended hello neighbor visit, that multi topic conversation, that one glance into the windows of Teri's soul, the sight of her depth of love and light that radiates not only from her but also shines brightly in her family, I know, if I could, it would be for the greater good.
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Nov 29, 2016
winter time 160 points
Teri is one of my daughter-in-laws.....I did not get to choose either girl but am so blessed to have them both in the family......Our sons are extremely lucky to be wed to such talented, loving and beautiful ladies.....OUR Teri is in a hospital, 500 miles from her husband and two teenage daughters who miss her each and every moment.  Their close knit circle has a break in it at this time and are anxiously waiting for Teri to return home.  Teri needs a heart transplant.  From the first time we met Teri, she became one of the family.  Over the years, she worked part-time at a pet store to pay the cost of her college and university education and never stopped working until her medical condition forced her to do so.  The local YMCA, College, Humane Society, different organizations, gymnastics associations, etc. all received her volunteer time and expertise.....She always had extra energy and advice for anyone that requested same.  An animal lover.......dogs, cats, "show" type poultry, horses, etc. and even honey bees.  Teri loved to be out of doors, trudging in the bush and marshes to count birds, deer, moose and whatever else was there.  Teri has touched the lives of so many people either as a relative, neighbour, friend  and instructing students as a biology professor while she was teaching at the college.
Teri and her husband (our son, Robert) were always together whether out fishing, hiking or working on their hobby farm and their two daughters were right beside them.  This family is hurting immensely and being apart is very difficult.  Christmas is here very shortly and Teri, Robert, Jordan and Mikayla have always spent this time together.  The cost is huge to travel to Toronto let alone the price of accommodations and all four needs and deserves to spend time together.  A benefit was held this weekend and the support from everyone was fantastic and we are very grateful for same.  
We need to bring Teri back home, healthy so that she can continue her enormous contributions to the future.  Praying that she will soon be healed.
Susan Lediett 420 points

Hope this link is available to read the local paper write up about Teri
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Dec 11, 2016
winter time 160 points
the sault star printed a nice article regarding Bob, Teri, Mik and Jo.......A rough time of year to be apart from the rest of the family so I am hoping that all the blessings and prayers will ease the hurt a little.  Thank you Susan for the nomination and encouragement for my kids.
Susan Lediett 420 points
After that one simple meeting, the love and light that the Winter family shined was infectious. I wish I could take all the hurt away, but unfortunately I can't. All I can do is be a cheerleader and TRY and get others to LOOK, and see the same love and light I seen.
Susan Lediett 420 points
So happy to share the news that Teri Winter has received her gift of a heart today!! She has just gone into recovery with a wonderfully beating heart. She will still be needing to stay away from her family and in Toronto as she recovers and gets stronger to return home. Financial help will ease the stress involved with covering the costs of expensive anti-rejection medications and the expense of living in highly priced area of Toronto, away from home and her family. With some financial help her loving daughters and devoted husband can have the ease to travel the 700+km from home to hospital where Teri Winter is.
Please PLEASE Ellen and staff, help out this most deserving person and family!!
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Feb 7, 2017
Anna Lavezzo-Crow 150 points
Praying from seaside Oregon!
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Feb 10, 2017
Susan Lediett 420 points
I am SO happy today especially after hearing the news about Teri and her husband Rob Winter walking out hand in hand from the Toronto hospital that Teri has resided for some time away from her home, family and friends waiting for, and recently receiving a gift of a heart transplant. Teri Winter is a warrior woman who was unfortunately diagnosed with genetic heart disease many years ago and had to conjure up the added strength to face the challenges and did so with much grace and MORE gratitude for life and those around her. Teri is one of those, one of a kind teachers who always loves to share her knowledge, kindness and love of biology with her students, family and friends. She and her family has always helped out friends, neighbors and community like family, and now they could use our help.
Like I stated earlier, Teri journey has been a long one and she still has a long road ahead before she can return home, even then, the cost of anti rejection and other medicine is not cheap. For years Teri and family has endured the finacial cost of having to travel back and forth between home and Toronto General hospital, well over 1000 km round trip for monthly and or bi weekly check ups and with Teri not being able to work in her teaching position, only having Rob's teachers salary, well one can just imagine the financial stress. Now that Teri is strong enough she and her husband walked out of the hospital hand in hand to be together outside the hospital walls and now begin the journey of recovering BUT Teri cannot come home YET, she still needs to remain in Toronto for a few more months until she get the FULL all clear from doctors, which means that she now needs to live in Toronto and that by no means is a cheap city to live in. If you can help out this wonderful family, it would help ease the financial burden
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Mar 5, 2017
Susan Lediett 420 points
Does anyone see this?
Please Ellen DeGeneres can you let me know if you or your staff See's this?!
I so wish for you to meet Teri Winter and her family, they are an awesome family and could really REALLY use your help. By the grace of our Creator, Teri has received her heart BUT is still recovering away from her family and friends.
The community has set up various fundraising event but more help is needed, with the cost of medicine, medical bills and cost occurred with Teri's hospital stay.
This family is definitely MOST DESERVING for help, with all the help they have given to others with no expectations in return. They embrace Ellen's mantra of being kind to one another in every aspect of their lives. Both Teri and her husband Rob are teachers who always make learning fun, interesting and inspires an addiction to learn.
Please if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated and the trickle down effects would be a massive.
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Mar 26, 2017