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Watch this: Blind 1 Year Old is a Self Taught Pianist
WATCH: Blind 1 Year Old is a Self Taught Pianist
Meet Anabelle Adamson of Hacienda Heights, the 23 month old who can play the piano! What's even more amazing is the fact that Anabelle is self taught and was born BLIND.

Evelyn had a chance to chat with her mother Monica (after a friend of theirs sent in a clip of Anabelle to us) and learned that she was born with Colobama and has been playing the piano all on her own for the passed few months!

We had to share this with you, because it made our day.

Credits: Monica Perez / Youtube
1,819 views Nov 24, 2016

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Elizabeth Taylor Pel 150 points
This is absolutely amazing! This little baby is so inspiring :)
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Nov 24, 2016