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A Teacher Stealing a Mic From a Boy With Autism in a Play Isn't Even the Worst Part of This Video
Every parent, no matter how ridiculous the school production is or how small a part their kid plays, feels proud of their child for being on stage and doing their best. Kent Squires went to his son's Thanksgiving play and held his phone up high to record the end of the play because his son, who has high-functioning autism and was playing the turkey, was supposed to speak the last line into the mic.

His video starts with a few of his son's classmates lined up, speaking their lines into the microphone one by one until his son is the only one left. "He has come home from school and said he gets to say 'gobble, gobble' because he was playing the turkey," Squires wrote. Unfortunately, his little boy was never able to say the line he was so excited about because right as he opens his mouth, a teacher comes and rips the mic from the stand — and his reaction is absolutely heartbreaking.

But that's not even the worst part of this video — parents watching the play actually laugh after it happens while the boy stands on stage crying. Squires posted the video to the Autism Speaks Facebook page to reach out and see if anything could be done about how his child was treated in what should have been a sweet moment.

Commenters on Squires's post agree that the woman's actions were rude and unfair, and one even suggested that he take action: "Kent, something can be done about this. No child should be treated any different. . . . This teacher needs to be reprimanded."

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Sandra Jo Walker 160 points
Bottom line - we are talking about a child. A child who deserves respect, love and compassion, as all children do. One more thing - what a boring background for a Thanksgiving program. Have teachers no imagination anymore? Very pathetic.
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Nov 20, 2016
It has now come out that she lied and did not tell exactly what happen.  Now the poor teacher is getting death threats.  IT IS BULLCRAP and the mom of Caleb should be ashamed of herself
melissa brooke 180 points
I'm honestly disgusted with the reviews on this. As an educator, I see a teacher who is in every way trying to be inclusive by allowing a child who could classify as special needs (whose parents did NOT enable him to participate in rehearsals because they didn't sign a permission form) be included in a mainstream classroom activity. I also see patience from the educators as they allow the child to seemingly speak out of turn and meander around, definitely NOT taking part of the play that the child should have had rehearsal for.

I believe all children should have an equal opportunity to learn and receive equal education regardless of their zip code, their needs, or any other factor. It's what I have devoted my life to. I have fought for it. This video in NO way showcases anything of the contrary. She redirected. He had been disruptive multiple times. Does she know what will happen if he gets the mic again? No, and I believe that she made the best decision for the event in that moment.

Amanda Riddle, I'm so sorry your feelings are hurt. But there was no wrong done here. If you want your child to have equal opportunities, you have to do your part. Sign the dang permission slip form. Don't play victim.
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Nov 25, 2016
leddings13 460 points
I'm so sorry that your precious child was treated this way. That woman should be fired, and never allowed to be a teacher again. This is abuse. It makes me so upset to see this!!
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Nov 19, 2016
Come on. They didn't send in the forms.  You are the problem here, you trust teachers to educate and take card of your children daily but can't trust them to tell the truth?  The teacher was removing him from an embarrassing situation in a play that absolutely has never had a turkey in it.  He spoke 3 different times during the play and his costume was a Native American costume flipped upside down. Get your facts straight.
A few thoughts - This m.o.t.h.e.r. stated she was unsure of the teacher's name when first posting this video (for those who question this, go look at the original post - she doesn't know if that is the teacher's name or if it is spelled correctly).  Why doesn't Amanda know her autistic child's teacher's  name or anyone involved with his care while at school?  

My child also needs extra attention at school.  I know each.and.every instructor, teacher, aide and anyone else who comes in contact with my child.  Shame on you for not keeping better informed about those around your child.  You entrusted the care of your child to these people, at least take time to learn more about them.  Maybe your parenting skills should be questioned as YOU sent your child to school to be around this horrible teacher.  Negligence on your part.

Take the word autism out of the equation.  Would this be so horrible if the child didn't have a diagnosis?  What if regular Joe Schmoe was standing at the mic.  Stop using your child's diagnosis to get attention.  

People are so quick to judge without paying attention to the entire story.  Next, we slap a disability diagnosis on top of that, and the entire country/world gets their panties in a wad and want to kill another human.  

SHAME ON THIS M.O.T.H.E.R for putting everyone through this.  I hope the teacher in question looks into the legalities for her side as well.  Her reputation has been slandered because little Johnny didn't get his way and it would appear that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Mother, you have taught your child well.   I hope you are able to sleep well at night; however, based on your Facebook page, you are loving all of the attention that comes your way.   I feel sorry for your child.  He deserves better than a mother who used his diagnosis as a smear campaign/witch hunt.
I suggest you look at her (mothers) videos and the videos posted on the fathers page because I don't believe he (Caleb) has an extreme case of autism.
You can tell that by videos? Wow! That's amazing! I hate how so many parents though have spent TONS of money on doctors and tests when they simply could've sent you a video of their kid for a diagnosis.
He was allowed to participate because he showed up the day of and the school accommodated him. He was wearing an Indian costume that he chose to wear over his head and all of his speaking lines were improvised by the little boy as he was only supposed to be added to the chorus of the play. The program of the play does not show his name. The parents slacked, allowed this poor child to believe he had a part, and then showed up the day of, leaving the school scrambling to accommodate him best they could. Given he had already said 3 lines out of turn that the teachers allowed out of the spirit of fun, the teacher chose to set a limit and when the show was over at the last line, immediately take the mic. Maybe Caleb only wanted to say "gobble gobble" or maybe he would have said twenty other things. Since he never came to a rehearsal, which other classroom parents confirmed, the teachers had no way to know. I'm sorry he was upset and melted down. The parents and the teachers needed to help him understand before the play what his expectations were.
Maggy 150 points
Full videos for people who want to be that ignorant:
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Nov 19, 2016
Anonymous #2
This is not the full video.  You can see it on the mom's FB page.  It is about 14 minutes long.  Her name is Amanda Riddle.
wlyvonn 140 points
I agree that you could film 10 seconds of anything and it could be viewed terribly. However being in education and a parent, even with that being said the actions were misguided, unprofessional, cold, and demonstrated the lack of education she had to work with children requiring a little more time and patience or just doing things a little differently. I person blessed enough to be an educator can tell you these actions were out of frustration and power. If you are a teacher, you are always an advocate for your children. I thank you for sharing the entire video, I feel that it helps shed light on her need for training even further. I hope that Mrs Lindsey can grow from this and maybe find a position shes better suited for.
What I wrote on her page...

 I'm reading what was written on Ellen Degeneres page and I viewed the video as a whole again. - His video starts with a few of his son's classmates lined up, speaking their lines into the microphone one by one until his son is the only one left. "He has come home from school and said he gets to say 'gobble, gobble' because he was playing the turkey," Squires wrote. -

@ the 3:17 mark, someone is saying Caleb is a turkey. Was he supposed to come out at this time to say his lines considering the kids onstage to say their parts, are turkeys? Around the 5:54 mark, Caleb is onstage. I hear giggles in the background. @ around the 6:24 mark, someone is asking "What did he say?". A lady responds "I gotta run". and then I hear "Yeah that was Caleb".

This was the time that Caleb needed redirecting because clearly someone dropped the ball on when he was supposed to be onstage.....@ around the 7 minute mark, Caleb is back onstage. @ 7:15 mark, Caleb says "Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving". Was that his line? Is this when he was supposed to say "gobble, gobble, gobble? Was he supposed to be onstage?@ around 7:27 mark, Caleb is yet again back onstage. 8:17 mark Caleb is seen saying "Ouch, ouch ouch".

Why did someone not intervene and take him outside of the classroom at this point considering he didnt seem to know when he wasnt and was supposed to be onstage? And then we see Caleb come back onstage towards the end yet again.....How was he NOT allowed to participate when I saw him onstage several times?

Before crucifying a teacher or anyone else for that matter, dont just look at situations based upon EMOTIONS alone. My timing may be off on the videos but I clearly saw Caleb given EVERY opportunity to say his line.

Did the teacher know about Caleb being autistic? She most likely intervened (if she didnt know) because she saw the numerous times Caleb was onstage. And what about people laughing at the kid that couldn't say his lines? Was that less important because that kid may not be autistic?
Who cares if he had been on stage several times and spoke several times whether he was or wasn't supposed to?? That is not the issue here!

Instead of someone kindly redirecting him (as kids with autism often need) she rudely and roughly snatched the mic away from the poor little guy and left him weeping on stage! Imagine how embarrassed alone he must have felt standing up there! Everyone saw him be humiliated, and the teacher never even turned back to him to comfort him or anything...how cold!

I understand kids need rules and to learn to follow directions, but there are ways to guide children without humiliating them and being so rude!
Apparently, he might have been confused because he didn't get to practice like the other children.  His parents were given a permission slip and asked if he wanted to be in the play.  They declined so he didn't practice for three weeks.  But, he decided he did want to do it so the school ignored the fact that he had not been practicing and went ahead and put him in the play this is according to the other side of the issue.  https://www.facebook.com/amanda.riddle.33/videos/10154177730778178/
Then why didnt the PARENTS get up and say something? Were they even there??? He was onstage MULTIPLE times. The ball was dropped by whomever. If the teacher had gotten up in the middle of the play and redirected Caleb, what if he'd had a meltdown? Then what? Everyone would most likely still go after the teacher. People laughed at the kid that kept messing up but that was okay?  I know all about autism, so no need to come for me about what should have or what needed to be done.
Disappointed that the Ellen show would post this garbage without finding out the real story first.
The student was never in class to practice, that is why he doesn't know what to do. The teacher allowed him to participate in the performance anyways because she is a good teacher and didn't want to exclude him. He didn't have a speaking part so he shouldn't have been at the mic. People need to get their facts straight before crucifying a good teacher. Maybe if the mom had gotten him to school to practice this entire event would have looked different. I can't believe the vitriol being thrown at this teacher. We all need to be a lite kinder!
wlyvonn 140 points
Petition requesting the teacher to resign.

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Nov 19, 2016
That's not even the right teacher! OMG Lucinda McCullough is not even a teacher at this school!! Mrs. McCullough teaches in a different county!
Sick of Gullible People Who Do Not Fact
Put away your pitchfork and torch and get all the facts first. The mom is trash.
Please get the story straight before you sow hate. That poor teacher has gotten death threats, and people have called for her rape, all because that self-entitled parent lied. https://shortlittlerebel.wordpress.com/2016/11/22/calebs-mother-lied-about-nutter-fort-teacher/