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A Beautiful Essay on Bullying by Samantha
Ellen, I know you love amazing kids. My daughter Sammy suffers from over 100 seizures a day. She recently wrote this essay on bullying. I hope it finds you smiling, she is a big fan!


By: Samantha Age 12

Middle School is hard. How do I know that? Well, I am a middle schooler. There are so many things that are hard about middle school. Pimples, braces, and gross school lunches. There are so many changes that happen in middle school. You may think pimples and braces are the worst things to happen to middle schoolers, but there is something way worse, bullying.

Bullying is when one or a bunch of kids gang up on one person. Over 3.2 million kids are bullied a day, and 160,000 teens skip school because of bullying. Bullying can lead to kids not wanting to go to school anymore. I was bullied by a kid that made fun of my epilepsy and it hurt my feelings, he did mean things like close my locker door on me. I told the guidance counselor and she helped me think of ways to overcome the bullying. That is when I started my page, Overcoming Epilepsy with Sammy so that all kids know that even though they may be a little different they can be confident and that they shouldn’t let anyone's hurtful words bring them down.

On my page, I share my everyday life about how I live with epilepsy. I inspire other kids by showing them that I do tennis, gymnastics, and modeling even though I am having over one hundred seizures a day. I want other kids with illnesses or disabilities to know that anything is possible. I gain so much from running my page. So many people around the world have sent me messages that lift me up! I never care what any bullies have to say anymore! My page has even inspired me to start the Purple Pumpkin Fair! I worked for months with my family to build my own pumpkin patch and create a day where hundreds of families joined us to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

The Purple Pumpkin Fair was so much fun but lots of work. I went around to tons of businesses to find sponsors that would donate pumpkins and other things we need for the fair. We even set up a purple runway and had a fashion show! My favorite part was spending time with my family and meeting new people. People from all over came and even the news interviewed me. I felt so special. Even though, I started my page as a result of a bad experience it turned into such a positive one. I ended up raising a few thousand dollars for the Epilepsy Foundation but more than anything I raised my confidence.

It was very hard for me to fit into school because I have epilepsy. However, I took my bad experience and turned it into a positive one. You should always try to find the good in a bad situation even if it is the worst possible situation ever. You should not let someone tear you down with there words or actions.The best way to overcome bullying is to tell a teacher, an adult or the principal. Then, take your bad experience and make something good come out of it! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Credits: Janine Bahadurian Buggle / facebook
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