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Awesome Video: 50 Years of Music Performed by 1,000 Lake Riviera Students, Staff
Lake Riviera Middle School marks its golden anniversary with a special video highlighting its decades of existence.

The year was 1966. "Batman" and "Star Trek" both debuted on television. Miniskirts were a popular fashion. The Beatles and the Beach Boys were popular, and the Vietnam War was raging half a world away.

And in Brick Township, Lake Riviera Middle School was opened to students for the first time.

Fifty years later, the fashions have gone from miniskirts to bell bottoms and to neon colors and back to miniskirts, music has gone from hard rock to disco to punk to rap and everything in between, and wars have come to U.S. soil.

But one thing remains the same: Lake Riviera Middle School is still educating students in Brick Township.

To mark the school's golden anniversary, the school put together its latest "lipdub" video, with students lip-syncing to bits of popular songs spanning the 50 years, from the "Age of Aquarius" to "Uptown Funk." There are 18 song clips in all. (See if you can name them.)

But the video is more nuanced than just the music. Watch it closely for not only the costuming but some of props and signs the students are holding up for some gems.

The video is posted on YouTube, and in the description it says the school is celebrating 50 years of "Aiming for Excellence," which is the school's motto. It " spotlights the music from each of the decades that the school has been shaping young minds to aspire to the greater good," the descroption says.

More than 1,100 people, including students, teachers, staff and retired and former faculty members participated in the video, which has been an annual project at the school for the last several years, according to the YouTube channel where the video is posted.

"There will NEVER be another LIPDUB like it!" the decription says.
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