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Ellen the Generous by Adrianna Smith
My name is Lietty, I'm a teacher, and I want Ellen to meet my awesome student! This is my story: My students were asked to write an article in which they were to highlight an event from the novel "The Outsiders" using the form/voice that the event would have if featured and written in the local newspaper or nightly news. Adrianna Smith, a student in my 6th grade language arts class, thought it best that "Ellen the Generous" welcome the heroes of the book on her show! I'm sharing this because I vow to never take away a student's creativity at the expense of structure. I know that Ellen features clever kids on her show every so often, and I would be elated if my student got to meet "the Generous" herself! And not only would it be beyond amazing that my student get to meet Ellen, but it would bring significant exposure to the school where I teach- a school that puts inner city, low income students first.
Thank you!
Credits: Lietty Suarez
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