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School of the future needs help!
Share the knowledge and share the wealth program
200 views Sep 25, 2016
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Bridgekid13 170 points
This school has many different features, bringing work back to America, training vets, troubled kids. Supply housing, using our semi retired journeyman. Holmes for seniors with low living costs. Under construction. Can find out more my facebook page Larry keller kalispell montana friend me!
 We are short on housing in the states, we live in Montana I just acquired log cabin plans and a teacher! What we are trying to do is build a school putting journeyman and our older generation back to work, teaching our vets and homless. So the plan is to automate this log cabin company cutting costs on building housing
. As we build the log cabins we will be teaching the vets homeless a trade working in the mill, machine shop, welding shop, sheet metal shop make all the hardware, the forms, cement work, rock, construction, electrical and plumbing to landscaping and finishing. These houses we Juilliard will be for homeless vets troubled families in America at same time teaching trades and careers to our fellow people so when they finish the school they have a career, or a trade and leave debt free. They work their way thru for the knowledge earn a start by the degree of work they did while there!
Email lkeller_shk@yahoo.com 502-802-9039
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Sep 25, 2016